Marianne Hansen BPE RMT

Registered Massage Therapy on the Sunshine Coast

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Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy

A therapeutic massage focuses on restoring and supporting optimal health along with promoting pain-free daily living. Marianne offers treatments that will be made up of a combination of massage techniques based on your specific needs.

Pain management due to injury trauma or chronic health conditions, neuro-muscular conditions, joint mobility, circulatory conditions are assessed and treated in a warm, comfortable and private environment. Even body stress due to pregnancy can be relieved through massage therapy.

The result is usually improved mobility and less, much less, pain.


Aquatic Therapy

Aquatic massage encourages relaxation and a profound feeling of well-being with relief of physical and emotional pain. Many report that it is the most effective treatment for recovery and maintaining mind/body wellness. It promotes a deep sense of relaxation by quieting the sympathetic nervous system and allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to rise, thereby supporting physiological changes to occur throughout the body.

The buoyancy of the water decreases the compression forces on the joints due to gravity. The added application of massage in neutral body temperature water promotes range-of-motion and decreased muscle tension.

About Massage Therapy and Aquatic Therapy

Marianne is a Registered Massage Therapist and possesses a Bachelors degree in Physical Education with a major in Kinesiology.

She has treated people who have suffered from:

  • motor vehicle accident trauma
  • sports and work related injuries
  • orthopedic conditions
  • neurological trauma and systemic disorders
  • stress and chronic pain
  • TMJ joint dysfunction
  • pre/post natal pain and discomfort

She continues to expand her scope of practice with continuing education in massage and research in water techniques. She balances her work with yoga, gardening and outdoor activities.

Her specialty is in using her expertise combined with body, mind and spirit practices to promote well being both physically and mentally.

Her interest in hydrotherapy led her to gain a certification in LaStone Therapy, which utilizes hot and cold stones for contrast therapy treatments.

Marianne practices in her own private clinic which is situated in Halfmoon Bay, BC. which is centrally located on the Sunshine Coast just 12 minutes drive west of Sechelt.